Listen Up! is crazy awesome Jewish a cappella.

    Four voices. Heart. Humor… and an infectious love of Judaism and Israel make Listen Up! an incomparable addition to any event.

    Listen Up! is Chicago’s uniquely compelling Jewish vocal band

    “What comes across in every moment of their performance is an adoration for singing — turning melodies and harmonies on their heads to come up with something unique and full of freshness and appeal.” – The Chicago Tribune

    Listen Up! A Cappella’s powerful vocals…

    …leave no audience unaffected by their music. Rich harmonies, exciting rhythms — and a effervescent joy of being Jewish makes this vocal band a pleasure to experience.


    Adon Olam / Happy... goes VIRAL!!

    Inspired by Pharrell Williams ubiquitous hit, Listen Up! has given the 11th Century hymn a 21st Century reboot.

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